Swollen veins on legs are a true problem of modern society. Sedentary lifestyle and uncomfortable chairs are only a small part of the problems related to blood vessels of a modern person. Every day we consume excessive amounts of fat and sugar, clogging our blood vessels with cholesterol and other deposits of waste materials. The worst is that the popular drugs are useless when it comes to removing the consequences of such diseases.

The new German cream Varikosette, produced by the German company Hendel, is one of the revolutionary inventions. Varicose veins are no longer exclusive to aged people, young people may also have this condition. Only in a few applications, the gel will alleviate unpleasant symptoms and make your legs healthy again.


Is the safety of this anti-varicose vein product is guaranteed?

During the development stage, the cream has passed all the necessary clinical trials. The tests have shown that this product is safe in all respects. It received the EAC certificate and a number of awards at international medical conferences and shows.

Such features not only demonstrate the safety of the gel, but also its effectiveness. The effect of Varikosette for the swollen veins has been medically proven and illustrated the reviews above. These unarguable facts will help you make a decision to use this product.

Varikosette cream for legs

The ingredients and formula of Varikosette. What did trials show?

  1.  Troxerutin. The essential element for treatment of any of vascular disease. This very important substance allows regaining the elasticity and strength of the circulatory system.
  2. Horse chestnut extract. This natural element restores the strength and the resistance of the veins. This ingredient is rich in escin, the natural substance important for the vessels in the legs.
  3.  The leaves of ginkgo biloba are the main ingredient that stops inflammation in the vascular system. This plant has been used by our ancestors for making medicinal teas.
  4.  The leaves of witch hazel are another natural ingredient that helps to stop the inflammation of the vessels. It also has vasoconstrictor and strengthening effects.
  5.  Sunflower and maize oils have softening and nourishing effect on the vascular system. These ingredients help the cream to get absorbed and to reach the affected area.
  6.  Menthol, is added for cooling itchy and inflamed areas and also for a pleasant odor of the gel.
  7.  Urea is a special agent that enhances the absorption of the cream. This substance is harmless and enhances the effect of Varikosette.

Indications for the cream used for treatment of varicose veins

This gel can be used in case of problems with veins on the legs. It may just be itching sensations or constant pain in the veins. It can also be protruding veins. Why such symptoms Because our blood vessels get too little nutrients.

Varikosette solves this problem. It not only removes unpleasant cosmetic imperfection of varicose veins, but also all the uncomfortable sensations. This allows you to completely eliminate or significantly reduce the signs of the problem.

If you apply the cream at an early stage of the condition, you will be able to solve the problem completely and to eliminate the protruding veins on the legs. The advanced stages of varicose veins need several treatments with the cream, with a break of a certain duration in-between.

Varikosette cream for legs

How to use gel for varicose veins Varikosette. Manufacturer's advice

This helpful and effective gel is quite simple to use. All you need is a tube of cream and a few minutes of free time per day. The treatment takes 1 month. During 4 weeks you need to use the gel each and single day. You can apply the cream by yourself. The procedure is simple:

  • remove all tight bandages or tights from the areas where the gel has to be applied
  •  take a comfortable position, the legs below the knees must be completely relaxed and sensitive;
  •  squeeze a small amount of cream, apply and distribute it in the area with dilated veins, as well as around it;
  •  rub the cream in with massage movements for a few dozens of seconds, then repeat the procedure with the other foot;
  •  relax for a few minutes to allow the cream to be well absorbed into the pores of the skin
  • you can then put the compression bandage back on, however avoid warming the area up.

With such a simple and effective method, you can completely get rid of varicose veins within a month. Even conventional medicine, which is not prone to the approval of the monotherapy agents, recognizes the effectiveness of the cream from natural ingredients. Remember though that the effect will be maximized only after the full treatment course.

How does the gel Varikosette work? Let's look at the progress

In the process of applying the gel onto the affected areas, you will notice some changes. Every day, the veins will become stronger, and you will no longer feel pain and discomfort. Let's take a closer look at what is happening during this process:

  1. Week one. By the third day you will start feeling healthy. Your feet will feel light, the pain and the constant itching will disappear. By the end of the first week your legs will look much better
  2. Week two. The sensations in the legs will improve, you will feel that your veins are back to good shape, your legs will look more attractive.
  3. Week three. Almost all the symptoms of protruding veins will disappear, you will be able to move your legs normally, without experiencing any pain. You will forget about itching, pain and discomfort in the legs.
  4. Week four. It is important to do the treatment until the end, otherwise the problem will be back in no time. In the fourth week no visible changes will occur, but inside the vessel will keep getting strength and nutrients. After the end of the fourth week the course will be finished.

Are there any side effects from using Varikosette cream?

All the medications have side effects. In our case, they may be caused by allergies to some ingredients of the product. If you notice that after you have applied the product onto the skin, the area suddenly turns red, stop using the cream to determine the causes of such a reaction.

The successful use of Varikosette shows that this product is completely safe. Clinical trials have not detected any dangerous side effects.

How much does Varikosette gel cost and where can I buy it?

Beware of imitations! Once the news of the real effectiveness of the cream became known, the copies of the product with an obvious non compliance to the design and most importantly its composition hit the market. It is best to buy the cream for varicose veins with a trusted vendor. Note that pharmacies sell this gel times more expensive than it can be bought online.

This is one of those products that is sold by the official representatives of the manufacturer in the online pharmacies in every country of the world. The price is justified, moreover, the tube contains enough cream for a full treatment course.

The website of the official supplier of Varikosette with the possibility to order the cream

In order to avoid fakes and to get the guarantee of the result, simply visit the websites of the official representative. The manufacturer of the gel Varikosette the company Hendel, offers the best bargain prices in the online pharmacies. There is no additional retail markup, and you can regularly enjoy a significant discount.

Customer reviews of Varikosette cream. Success stories and testimonials posted on forums

Reviews allow judging about the effectiveness of any product. If the product does not work, no one would write a positive feedback and would not recommend it on such web sites as Amazon or online pharmacies. So, here are some comments from the consumers who purchased the gel:

  •  „My swollen veins in the legs have completely disappeared in 3 weeks. The pain in the legs has decreased almost immediately, the legs do not swell any more. From the very first application the burning sensations I used to have before are gone.“
  •  „A friend of mine has recommended me to try Varikosette gel. She has been using it for a long time and her legs really look much better. Although we are the same age, she still wears skirts and does not hesitate to show off her legs. I used it only a few times and I saw that tiny blue vessels next to the joint have disappeared.“
  •  „This gel really works! I am 34, but it has been a couple of years since I put a skirt on, because of the knotty veins. Now everything is fine.“
  •  „My wife bought me this gel and made sure I apply it every day. I did not believe in the result as in the past I tried literally dozens of such things. But this cream by Hendel is very effective. The veins are gone in no time. It’s nice to use too.“

Conclusion smart victory over varicose veins!

One must deal with discomfort and conditions. Our body continues to carry us through the life and it must be ready for all the challenges to come. If you have varicose veins, it is time to get rid of them forever using the gel Varikosette.

A smart approach is needed when fighting varicose veins. Use this plant-based natural ingredients cream, do not rub into your skin horrible chemicals. It is better to choose the product that is perfectly suitable to many people, which is evidenced by the reviews.

Win the battle over varicose veins today. After the first application of Varikosette you will really feel relieved. And after a couple of weeks you will be able to declare victory over this condition.