Deformation of the foot bones is one of the most common diseases of modern women. High heels, transverse platypodia, family history and endocrine problems. These are only a few causes from the list of issues that can cause a painful and unattractive deformity of the foot bones.

Though, the disease is simply called "bunion", the process involves a whole group of health hazards. With Valgomed fixator, you can solve the problem and save time and money you would spend on treatment. Only 1 month is enough to reach a visible result, and then you can wear your favourite shoes again.


Testing Valgomed – what’s so special about this magic device?

The fixator is a simple and invisible retainer of a special shape. It has to be applied on bunion deformity to support the sore area of the foot. It first place, it relieves pain, then - redness and swelling of the affected area. Medical tests prove the absolute safety of the fixator.

Valgomed has following features:


  • it’s made of soft and nice to ware silicone materials;
  • it fully complies with the European safety standards;
  • the orthopaedic shape is suitable for all types of feet (male and female);
  • the device can be used at any stage of hallux valgus deformity;
  • the treatment is painless, as confirmed by the tests.


Valgomed packing and Valgomed on female feet

Medical trials were conducted with the participation of many volunteers to establish official results. However, the conservative medicine has no interest in spreading the message about the effectiveness of such a fixator. Operations, medications and massages are expensive and bring income to many clinics. It’s likely to be the main reason.

What are the possible side effects of Valgomed?

Tests and feedback about the holder don’t mention any side effects. Thanks to the softness and the elasticity of the material, the holder won’t maintain the foot in the wrong and unnatural position. As soon as the bones find their natural shape, the device won’t be needed and can be safely removed.

The valgus deformity of the big toe (Hallux Valgus) is a condition known for a long time. All the existing remedies have side effects, whereas, using Valgomed, you risk nothing. Simply follow the instructions and keep the holder on your foot at all times.

Manufacturer of Valgomed – company warranties 

The manufacturer of the fixator guarantees its effectiveness. This European brand helped thousands of women and men get rid of the bunion. A simple silicone holder is life changing, it relieves pain, and this is the most important proof of its effectiveness.

Due to the continuously growing demand, the device is manufactured in different countries. At the moment company's pricing policy is very reasonable, for the purpose of the device is to help people get rid of bunion and other similar problems.

How to use Valgomed? - medical advice

There are several recommendations, following which you will enhance the effectiveness of the fixator. Contrary to some expert advice, the silicone retainer should be removed at night and also when the foot is not exposed to any load. In such a way the joint will get used to the new position sooner. Follow the medical recommendations below:


  • this toe separator is not designed to treat bunion on the little toe, and thus it shouldn’t be used for any other but the main purpose;
  • to evaluate the real results, use the corrector for at least 1 month during all day;
  • the effectiveness depends on observing user recommendations. Watch your sensations, feel the comfort improve;
  • don’t use any additional separators or other devices, even if you think they can help enhance results;
  • don’t use Valgomed after bunion surgery. Therapeutic massages and manual therapy are not prohibited;
  • read the instruction leaflet carefully and keep in mind the manufacturer's recommendations.


Many buyers who are still wondering whether or not the device works simply don’t know how to use it correctly. Don’t rush, take your time to carefully read the information about the silicon fixator. It's very simple, and you will immediately notice a decrease in pain and in all other negative sensations affecting your joint.

What does Valgomed do, how does it work?

While using this device you will benefit from several real effects. The most notable changes are the following:


  1. Discontinuation of the displacement of the joint at the bottom of the big toe.
  2. Significant reduction of the joint exposure to the loads.
  3. The correct alignment of the foot bones in their natural position.
  4. Reduced pain during walking, no urge to limp
  5. Real decrease of bunion size by the end of the first month.
  6. Receding redness on the inflamed part of the joint.

Valgomed on the female foot

These effects are achieved thanks to wearing the silicone separator. Also, you reduce the risks of calluses and further exacerbation of the deformity. Your foot regains its normal natural appearance. Healthy feeling, no pain and discomfort make you feel great.

How much does Valgomed cost in pharmacies and online?

The price depends on where you buy the holder. It costs $39. Are you ready to spend this money for your health, for the opportunity to regain a beautiful gait and wear again your favourite shoes? What a strange question, since the bunion operation will cost several dozen times more. One massage session costs more than Valgomed device with a guarantee of efficiency.

Where to buy Valgomed? – the official website

The number of fakes has recently increased. If you simply buy the device on Ebay or if you buy it in the first online shop suggested by Yahoo, no one will guarantee you the quality Visit the official supplier's website and get a price without retail mark-up. Ordering in the online pharmacy, you will appreciate a convenient delivery to your address.

Valgomed reviews and success stories – consumer opinion shared on forums

Does this almost magical remedy really help to remove the existing problem? The experience shows that every buyer is satisfied. The product received best ratings and became the reference, gathering excellent reviews on Amazon in many countries. You might have heard about this fixator from a friend who had already gotten rid of the bunion. Let's have a look at the testimonials posted on forums and on the official website:


  • "I bought it because I had to find a working solution. I’ve been using it for 3 months so far, I can see a real result! A year of physio didn’t do much. Whereas with Valgomed, in such a short time the results are simply amazing. "
  • "I can walk like a normal person again. My wife was telling me about Valgomed for a long time, but I was unable to make a decision, there are so many scams out there. A month later, my bunion started to decrease, my feet are not sore any longer and I can walk normally. "
  • "I’m 24 being. At this age bunion is a real curse. Forget high heels, this is what my doctor told me. Thanks to the holder, I haven’t been to the doctor since six months. I don’t want to see him anymore. "
  • "This was my last chance before the operation. The bunion was so big that no shoes would fit me. I started the treatment with herbs and pills but nothing helped. I used Valgomed for 2 months and I noticed real improvements right away. I recommend".
  • "Stop searching! I tried everything I could find to help my bunions. They were terribly sore. Although bunions are still there, this silicone thing has greatly reduced the pain and redness. "


It’s hardly possible to find a negative review or opinion about Valgomed. And if there’s any, these customers just didn’t use the holder properly. Through supporting the big toe bones, this device simply brings them to their correct position. Everyone knows this, and all the manufacturer of the fixator did was to make it happen.

Why is it worth buying Valgomed and heal bunion?

Probably bunion doesn’t really bother you. The problem is that it’s not just an unattractive thing, this is a disease. Valgomed will gradually and permanently remove this imperfection of your feet and you will be able to enjoy beautiful shoes and walks with your family and friends.

Such a reasonable price leaves no choice but treat the stubborn bunion and get relief from this trouble. You won’t find a cheaper and easier way. Be careful! Buy only the original product and beware of copies. It’s best to order and get it from the website of the official representative.