Varicose veins, destruction and disruption of blood vessels are painful problem with and unattractive look. Both women and men may face this condition, while the modern medicine can offer only surgery and long-term drug treatment, which negatively affect the body and doesn’t do any good.

VaricoFix cream is a unique ointment that really helps the problems with capillaries, veins and other vessels in your legs. This cream solves cosmetic problems, reduces pain, completely neutralizes the condition associated with protruding vessels on the legs.


What causes varicose veins and how to deal with them?

There are several reasons why people experience difficulties with the dilated veins on their legs. VaricoFix aims precisely at the causes, and not at the consequences, and this makes the cream unique. The main causes of leg vessel issues are:


  • the genetic predisposition to varicose veins is a very upsetting factor, which is difficult to cure;
  • sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity and constant exposure of the vessels to pressure;
  • too tight clothes, underwear, which squeezes arteries and veins in the groin area;
  • lack of microelements necessary for the normal functioning of the circulatory system;
  • poor diet, fasting without medical grounds, blood thickening caused by lack of fluid.


VaricoFix  packing on the background of female legs

It’s important to determine why you develop varicose veins in order to address the underlying cause. The gel will help you to significantly reduce the number of problems in your body. But at the same time it’s necessary to rethink your habits, nutrition and way of life.

What is VaricoFix - manufacturer, ingredients and composition

This product is European made, it received a number of safety and quality certificates. Medical tests have shown that the product is harmless to the body. It nourishes the subcutaneous tissues and vessels with the necessary elements and really acts on the varicose vein problems in the body. Only the original cream will give you the desired effect.

All the positive effects are due to the natural composition of the cream:


  • Mountain arnica is a plant used by our ancestors to treat problems with blood vessels. Phytotonin is the major active element of the unique blend.
  • Dictamnus is a poisonous plant, which, when properly used, gives a positive effect to the skin, kills small parasites and heals ulcers. Act exclusively on affected areas.
  • Extract of cypress fruits is the third important element that nourishes the vessels, improves their elasticity. It reduces the risk of blood clots.
  • Asian centella - an additional ingredient that increases the effectiveness of the ointment. It tones the damaged vein and makes it more supple.
  • Ruscus fruit extract is another important ingredients that will help heal varicose veins. It tones circulatory system and specifically damaged veins.
  • Heparin is the only pharmacological agent entering in the composition of the cream for pain and dilated veins. It’s very efficient and can be formulated as preparation, however it’s best used in an ointment.


Such a natural composition has obvious advantages. You don’t use artificial chemicals, thus risking unpleasant consequences on skin burns. Many doctors in their reviews give this natural gel high ranking, although it’s not that well known yet. Many doctors used the gel and observed real results, which they share in the reviews on their blogs and on various medical forums.

Are there any possible side effects when using VaricoFix?

To answer this question, just take a look at the composition. Can you imagine the side effects of using a skin care formulated from natural fruits of wild trees? The power of nature creates the most effective cure for any diseases. Therefore, side effect and any other unpleasant symptom of the use of this cream are excluded.

The safety of the cream has been proven in many clinical tests done by independent laboratories. You can see all the certificates on the website of the official supplier. The main advantage of VaricoFix is the absence of any negative effects.

What is the main impact of VaricoFix on your body?

A series of trials were performed to confirm the actual therapeutical effects on the human body. Studies confirm a real result, and not just a temporary improvement. So, using the VaricoFix cream improves several body functions:


  • improved blood circulation, reduced possibility of blood clots;
  • reduced pressure in the affected dilated veins;
  • the composition promotes the natural regeneration of blood vessels in your legs;
  • swelling goes away and pain in affected areas decreases;
  • stagnating of blood in the affected area is removed;
  • the vessels are cleansed, the capillaries are regenerated, their functions are restored.


All these properties will rid you of varicose veins in 1 month. In the most difficult cases, the disease may take longer to heal. But in general, the results will be visible by the end of the first week. It’s important to follow all medical recommendations and advice of the manufacturer.

How to use VaricoFix - medical advice and recommendations

Physicians from all over the world already know that this gel is one of the few effective solutions to the problems of varicose veins. Therefore, a number of recommendations for the best result can be found on various independent sources. But it’s best to adhere to the manufacturer recommendations while using the cream. The manufacturer highlights only a few basic rules:


  • Make sure to read the instructions and choose the method of application suitable for your condition;
  • Don’t use the cream in combination with medications or immediately after surgery;
  • Use the cream during the full treatment course - the minimum duration is 1 month.
  • Don’t wear bandages or tight clothes, relieve your legs, let them breathe normally.
  • Don’t try to make the cream last longer, apply exactly the amount as indicated in the leaflet.


In order to get a good result you make sure to comply with the manufacturer's advice. This is the key to successful treatment of varicose veins on your legs. Don’t combine different types of creams for a quicker effect, this won’t help, but will only off-set the effect of a useful preparation.

The price of VaricoFix - how much does it cost?

The official representatives of the manufacturer in various countries have a different price policy. In Germany, VaricoFix varicose vein ointment can be purchased for as little as 39 EUR. This is only a tiny part on what you would spend on massages, swimming pools and beauty treatments. So it's definitely worth a try.

By the way, the surgical treatment of varicose veins will cost a hundred times more expensive and doesn’t always give the desired effect. Given the huge number of positive reviews, this treatment option is affordable for all customers.

Where to buy VaricoFix gel? Only with the official representative

Each country has the official suppliers that sell the cream at a reasonable price without extra mark-ups. Although you can shop in other places, it’s best to buy the product in an online pharmacy through the official supplier. In this way you get a guarantee to buy an original origin and high efficiency of its natural composition. Otherwise, there is always a risk to buy a fake.

VaricoFix Packing

Feedback from forums and consumer opinion - does VaricoFix really work?

When it comes to a cheap and effective product, the first thing you want to check are the reviews on the forums. Surprisingly, you will find only positive testimonials. Rare negative reviews are due to the fact that patients were expecting results after the first application or were simply not familiar with this gel. Read the testimonials yourself and see for yourself. Here is some customer feedback:


  • "What a wonderful miracle cream. I have suffered from varicose veins since I was 33, I couldn’t wear skirts and heels, I lost my female charm. With the help of the cream everything is back to normal, the problems disappeared. Thank you!"
  • "I want to express my gratitude to the manufacturer. I got rid of varicose veins at age 68, when absolutely nothing was working. My body reacted perfectly to this remedy, the gel did its job. "
  • "Everything happened exactly as described on the package. Within a month my veins decreased, after 45 days they became virtually invisible. It's a miracle I could only dream of. "
  • "I got addicted to VaricoFix through my wife. I never thought dilated veins could be helped, I though it was a problem related to old age. But now my legs are healthy again and the pain is gone. "
  • "I had terrible problems since my young years with the veins on my legs. A girlfriend advised to try this cream, and it really worked. Thanks to the manufacturer for this wonderful formulation! "


VaricoFix effect

Many people say that the remedy has worked for them. The treatment is really easy and the results are excellent. Medical tests also talk in favour of the highest efficacy and the excellent quality of this cream. So all you have to do is to buy the cream and enjoy its amazing effectiveness.

Why should I buy VaricoFix today?

A very affordable price and an effective formula are a very big advantage. Order several tubes of the cream right now and help your varicose veins. Today things develop and change very fast, so don’t put off for tomorrow the treatment of eternal problem with varicose veins.

You can get your order already today and enjoy one of the most effective products for varicose veins. This smart decision can completely change your life and allow you to regain your beauty. Remove pain, treat varicose veins and become a healthy person again.