Problems with male organs are only a matter of time. Every man sooner or later experiences discomfort in the lower abdomen, problems with urination and erection. These often require medical attention. However, the treatment of any form and stage of prostatitis could be very expensive. Therefore, today we would like to present ProstaPlast, the Chinese plaster for male diseases.

The list of reviews, of medical advice and directions for use is fairly long. This patch has been popular for a long time and has proven itself as an effective method to cure problems related to men's health. Prostate will again be able to perform its functions provided it is effectively and timely treated.


What is ProstaPlast - the ingredients and the formula of the patches

The natural composition is the biggest advantage of this product. A blend of seven herbs does great job and helps to heal even severe forms of illness. Urological patches are based on an extremely simple idea. They use of old Chinese recipes of traditional medicine, which have proven their effectiveness through thousands of years of use.

ProstaPlast main view

The following herbs are used to fight prostatitis and other problems:


  1. Borneol. The extract of this Malaysian plant has been used for hundreds of years to increase male potency and solve prostate problems. This is the main active product amongst all other ingredients.
  2. Cinnamon extract. You have probably heard about the effectiveness of cinnamon is the treatment of male problems. The substance works to increase the blood flow and trigger the body self-cure abilities.
  3. The roots of Chuan Xiong (lovage). This Chinese remedy, which originates from the deepest times of folk medicine, is known around the world. This herb allowed treating problems even at 100 years of age.
  4. The root of the Cyathula. This extract is also sold in pharmacies around the world and works as virility enhancer. It has a positive effect on potency with beneficial effects on the prostate.
  5. Saffron. Another popular remedy against erectile dysfunction, which while acting on the male organs makes them to recuperate their strength. This is the essential element of the patch.
  6. Corydalis. A world-famous medicinal plant with no side effects and many benefits for blood circulation. The extract triggers the self-healing processes in the organs.
  7. Plantain. It is not without reason, that plantain was always applied to the open wounds. The juices of this plant are able to penetrate deep under the skin and heal the inflammatory processes of the internal organs.

Such a composition makes ProstaPlast a truly a unique cure. It is a great opportunity for every man to preserve their virility and fully reveal their male potential at any age. Even taken individually, each ingredient is able to heal the problems of the body and restore its normal functioning. Together, these drugs help to achieve excellent results.

Who makes ProstaPlast - the origin of the product

Since decades, scientists have been working on the development of an effective natural remedy free of harmful chemicals that would help men’s problems. As off today, the combination of already known recipes has been found. ProstaPlast has been issued all necessary licenses and safety certificates. The presence of certificates is mentioned on the package, together with the manufacturing lovation.

Taking into account great demand, the patches are produced in several places in Europe and around the world. The recipes of traditional Chinese medicine are increasingly sought after in all countries, thus making the number of happy customers increase. Make sure though you buy the original patches or the effect cannot be guaranteed.

What are the possible side effects of using ProstaPlast?

The medical trials performed all over the world did not reveal any side effects. The product was also tested during open independent studies, which proved its effectiveness and showed no adverse effects on the male body. However, the patch should be administrated with caution. Follow the instructions and do not derogate from the manufacturer's recommendations.

Thanks to its completely natural composition, there is no chance left to any side effects or other issues caused by the use of the plaster. You can use all the opportunities and the power of nature to heal your body. Any tablets of chemical origin will have much more side effects than the safe patch.

Medical advice and recommendations for ProstaPlast - how to use the product?

There is an easy way to get real healing effect from bothersome prostate problems. Medicine recognizes that most tablets available for this purpose have only a partial effect. A certain pill will work for one person, whereas dozens of others will experience only side effects.

The herbal urological plaster is completely different. This is a really effective product with excellent medical findings. Here are some tips for using the patch:


  • Do not use the patch combined with handfuls of erection tablets. It should be combined only with the drugs required for a precise health condition;
  • Find the most sore spot in the lower abdomen and apply the patch exactly there, to attack the causes of pain;
  • Keep the patch on this spot for 72 hours, it will not create any discomfort, will not limit your movements, or alter your way of life;
  • After 72 hours, remove the old patch and apply a new one to go through the same three day routine, thus completing the treatment;
  • The treatment course can be different and depends on the nature of the problem. Refer to the instructions to determine the length of the course in your individual case.

ProstaPlast official packaging

Be sure to read the instructions in order to use the product correctly. Although, there will be no negative effects, the problem will not be helped either. You can use ProstaPlast already today, as it is not subject to any medical contraindications. It is important to make sure your product is original, since there are many fakes on out there.

How much does ProstaPlast cost? The benefits of treatment all added up

The price is probably the most attractive feature of the product. It can be purchased for only 39$. Importantly, the manufacturer sells the product not only on such websites as Amazon or in ordinary pharmacies, but also offers its own online representative store in each country.

When making your purchase this way, you receive the guarantee of an original product and really attractive price. The representative often does special offers, customers can enjoy discounts and order a batch at a reduced price. This is hardly possible when buying ordibary tablets in the conventional pharmacy.

What is the best way to buy ProstaPlast? Order online from the authorized representative

The online pharmacy always gives you the opportunity to buy an original product with a guarantee of quality. Here, you can not only get information first hand, but also request the delivery across world from an official supplier. When ordering this way, you will save your money and get the product soon after.

The official representative's website does not have any retail mark-up, thus the cost is free of intermediary profit. You buy the patch at the factory price and get a really working prostatitis remedy. To have no doubts left before buying the product, make sure you read the testimonials of men who successfully used the patch to protect their health.

ProstaPlas success stories and testimonials on the forums - learn consumer opinion

Probably, the most serious question to be answered before buying any medication is whether it really works. Does ProstaPlast really help? Every man who has heard about this remedy asks the same question. To clear all doubts, read a few reviews from public sources and from the website of the official representative. Here are some testimonials of people posted in recent weeks:


  • "I'm 55, erections have long been situational. I noticed some pain in the lower abdomen, then I heard about ProstaPlast and I decided to try. Now I'm a real man - the erection is back, my wife is ecstatic. "
  • "It all started with light pains in the lower abdomen. Then the pain intensified and the doctor suggested surgery. A friend advised me to buy Chinese plasters. In fact, it turned out to be a very effective product. I never told to my doctor about this remedy, he is sincerely surprised that the illness has gone. "
  • "I’ve been experiencing pain in the prostate area for a long time. I'm only 37, I don’t feel like going to the doctor. But when I started to have erection problems, I looked for a remedy. I am fond of Chinese medicine for a long time and I immediately understood that ProstaPlast formula should work. And it did work. "
  • "Many thanks to the manufacturer of this remedy! It cured my prostatitis, which I was about to have surgery done on. It saved me a huge bunch of money. I’m healthy again and it only cost me couple of dozens of euros! "
  • "I live the life in full again. I had no erection for one year. I had some suicidal thoughts and other bs. The doctor privately told me to try this patch - and everything is fine now! I strongly recommend it to all men, even as a prevention. "


ProstaPlast success story

Do you think such reviews can describe a product that does not work or does not have the claimed effects? It helped people around the world heal serious problems and regain excellent health condition. Today this is the best solution that medicine can offer to cure masculine problems. And you can see it for yourself if you buy and try out these inexpensive patches.

Do you need urological patches ProstaPlast?

Sooner or later, every man has to face the reproductive system problems. It is better to prevent unpleasant pain and doctor appointments. All you have to do is buy patches to prevent issues with male organs. This method will help you to avoid a potential development of the diseases, including the most unpleasant for the male body disorders.

You can heal the problem related to male sexual organs, using a simple patch ProstaPlast. Witness the efficiency of this product and the most effective results. Most likely, your positive feedback will soon appear on the official representative's website. Be well!