Sick of blackheads covering your face? This problem is familiar almost to half of the planet population. Improper nutrition, lack of trace elements in the body, dry skin - all of the above contributes to the development of problems and visual imperfections on the face.

According to doctors, face reflects the health condition of people. The moment cannot be better for trying out the popular method of health improvement - a mask for acne and blackheads . This product is natural, free of side effects and thanks to its easy application it will replace expensive cosmetic procedures.


Black Mask ingredients – the composition and features of the product

Before buying any beauty product you should check its composition, since it determines the main effect. Do not change this good habit. Check the composition of this facial mask to confirm its effectiveness making other information useless. So, the composition of Black Mask includes such natural components as:


  1. Bamboo charcoal. Ancient peoples used this simple substance to treat their skin diseases of different nature. The life-giving power of bamboo charcoal has been known since hundreds of years.
  2. Grapefruit peel oil drains excess liquid from the skin, makes it healthy and beautiful. Also contributes to narrowing the pores and reducing the risks of blackheads.
  3. Extract of wheat sprouts has nutritional properties, cleanses the skin and improves its appearance. This component makes people look healthy already after the first application.
  4. Panthenol is a complex of vitamins needed by every woman. Its main task is to preserve the youth of the skin, to ensure its elasticity and normal hydration.
  5. Olive extract is one of the most effective active elements of the mask. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, gives it oils and vitamins needed to preserve the elasticity.
  6. Collagen is a very well known substance used to rejuvenate and preserve the skin. It allows you to remove wrinkles and replaces expensive plastic surgery.
  7. Glycerine of vegetal origin helps all nutritional components to get deeper into soft tissues providing them with additional moisture.

Black Mask packing and mask on the girl's face

As you can see, the mask contains no chemical or harmful substances. Everything people need for their beauty and health was created by nature. It's time to move on, replacing chemical methods of treatment of diseases and cosmetic problems by completely natural ones. This will help you cope with any trouble.

What does Black Mask manufacturer say about the side effects?

The manufacturer has addressed this issue in the directions for use. If you adhere to the recommendations below, you will not experience any negative effects. Excessive use of the mask, serious skin conditions and cancer can trigger side effects.

Clinical trials and the use in real life do not report any information about side effects and allergic reactions. Moreover, all components of the mask are natural and cannot cause any adverse effects on the body. This is an important advantage of the product.

Medical advice - how to apply Black Mask for a better effect?

The proper application is important to achieve results. You can choose the method that suits you best from all perspectives, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. They can be found in the package. Otherwise, you may run into a fake. So, medics set forth only a few recommendations, which should be followed when using the mask:


  • dilute the substance in warm water 1: 2 (you can also use warm milk);
  • apply the mask on the entire face, otherwise the areas that were not threated will visibly differ in colour and moisture;
  • live the mask on the face for 20 minutes, then you can remove the mask with your fingers;
  • to remove the remnants of the product from the skin, simply wash it with warm water without any additional product.


The procedure should be repeated no more than once a day, but no less than 2-3 times a week. Make a full course to be able see the real results of using this product. You will notice real changes in the appearance of the skin and sensation already in the first week. Blackheads and minor rashes will disappear.

When Black Mask must not be used?

The caution message from the manufacturer is fairly simple. Do not apply the mask on open wounds or burned skin. Also, avoid using the mask if you have unidentified lesions on the face. This can lead to their exacerbation.

This is not a medical product, which means that consultations with a dermatologist will not bring any added value. Doctors are not used to recommend really working products based on natural components. Try using this product on your own to ascertain its efficiency.

Major effects of Black Mask

The product is designed to help the skin problems. It can cope with minor rashes or with nasty black heads. The remedy acts on quite a deep level, and not on the blackhead itself, but on its cause. The problem is not just fixed, but it will not repeat in the future. The mask has the follow effects:


  • deep facial cleansing from various impurities;
  • toxins pass through the pores and are captured by the mask;
  • causes of blackheads are eliminated;
  • pimples instantly disappear without future reoccurrence;
  • functioning of sebaceous glands comes back to normal, the skin does not feel oily;
  • quality and elasticity of the skin are improved.

Photo of the nose before and after applying the mask

The product moisturizes, smoothes and improves the quality of the facial skin. This is really important for every person, since even at a young age, cosmetic problems can greatly affect the appearance. Use a really working remedy and get a solution to your problems.

How much does Black Mask cost? The price of your beauty

As little as $29 for a really effective remedy is not high price to pay. Many people have already tried the product and confirmed its effects. This is a really working method that will help you get rid of the unattractive blackheads that interfere with the natural beauty of your face. At this cost, you will get a quick and effective solution to skin problems.

Where to buy the original Black Mask product? Only from an official supplier

It is essential to buy an original product. Do not get trapped by the offers in of beauty product sections of ordinary shops were you are likely to buy a fake and do not get any results. It is better to order a product with a delivery at the manufacturer's price on the official supplier's website. A representative of the company always offers a price free of extra charges and the best delivery time.

Feedback from the forums and consumer opinion about Black Mask – discovering success stories

Many people are interested in this facial mask after seeing it on Amazon or other major online stores. The product reviews are amazing. Virtually all the testimonials are positive and confirm the effect of the mask and its positive results on the face. Let's look at a few reviews coming from different sources published in recent days:


  • "I bought this mask out of curiosity because it has so many positive reviews. And indeed, blackheads that my beautician couldn’t remove for a month are gone. This product is really works. "
  • " My skin is beautiful again without the laser correction and extremely expensive procedures. I’m 45 years old, and my skin is dry and prone to rashes and blackheads since I am 30. The mask saved my skin - now I use it once a week. "
  • "With such inexpensive price, the product surprises with its results. I could feel its natural composition free of any negative effects. The skin is cleansed and moistened and so nice to touch. "
  • "I want to share my impressions. I bought the mask and completed the full course. Once I met a girlfriend and she asked me to give her my beautician phone number. I never told her about the mask - it's my secret weapon. "
  • "I’d never think that a simple cream could cope with skin problems. The mask works surprisingly well, my dry skin was fixed without problems from the first use. "


Do you want to join hundreds of happy customers satisfied with the results achieved with this amazing mask? It's time to order the original product and enjoy its close to magical effect. The power of nature will do everything to make your face healthy and young.

Two girls with black masks on their faces

Does it make sense to buy Black Mask right now?

Do not delay the purchase of the mask. Today the mask is sold at a bargain price and you can order several supplies at once. The mask has a long shelf life. In the future, the cost may increase, and its popularity may result in shortages.

Buy only the original product with the guarantee to get the desired results. This is the only way to achieve success in dealing with blackheads, dry skin, rash and other facial skin issues. Use the power of nature to fight problems.