Making the penis significantly bigger and improving pleasure from sex are the things every modern man dreams of. More than fifty per cent of men are unhappy with the size and sensitivity levels of their penis. Various methods and tools for changing the size of the penis and improving the sensitivity of nervous endings have been tested for many years. The simplest recipes have proven to be the most effective ones. 

The effectiveness of the ingredients contained in Titan Gel has been known to the humanity since ancient times. It's a simple and affordable remedy that helps thousands of men to get more pleasure from sexual intercourse, overcome inferiority complex and get rid of psychological hurdles in the relationships with women.




What does Titan Gel consist of? Content and description of the ingredients

Testing of this product in medical laboratories revealed its absolute safety for human body. None of the ingredients contained in Titan Gel can cause allergy or other undesirable effect. There are some statements made by reputable scientists who work in the field of the modern European medicine who learned about the impeccable effect provided by this remedy from their own experience. Titan Gel contains the following components: 


  1. Thistle extract. A highly organic and harmless product which was used by our ancestors to increase the levels of testosterone. This element can influence you even through the skin; 
  2. Elastin. A patented combination of natural elements which make your skin softer and nervous endings more sensitive. The effect can be observed after the very first application; 
  3. Barrenwort. An element with a rich history. In the early days this plant was used to treat impotency and improve men's libido. The remedy works as an aphrodisiac; 
  4. Maca – one more genus of medicinal plants. If used as a preventative, it reduces the risk of sexual potency impairment and improves blood supply to the penis; 
  5. Proteins and amino acids vital for man's body. A part of these supplementary elements penetrates into the blood stream and plasma through the skin and quickly absorbs there. 


Titan Gel boasts this content free of complex chemical compounds and artificial potency enhancers. That's why this gel gained such a remarkably positive reputation amongst the leading medical professionals in the developed world. They highly appreciate absence of any kind of risk. 

Titan Gel main view

What side effects can be caused by Titan Gel? 

The results of clinical trials and customer's feedback do not provide any evidence of side effects. However, the directions for use have to be observed. The manufacturer issued these directions so that the customers could avoid any possible issues. Don't overdo trying to get a better result. If you are allergic to one of the components of the gel, after using it for the third time you might experience some mild itching. You can also have some small rashes on the penis which usually do not cause discomfort. In this case you should stop using Titan Gel to let the symptoms disappear within the next days. 

What are the best ways of using Titan Gel? Manufacturer's recommendations and medical approach

There are several recommendations for using this product. If you do not stick to any of them, positive result should not be expected. First of all, you have to read the direction for use reflected on the package or on the tube with the gel. They contain guidelines from the manufacturer which describe an effective method of using Titan Gel. However, several important medical recommendations should be kept in mind too: 


  • Do not use any active aphrodisiacs and chemical medications together with Titan Gel; 
  • Don't use the product more than twice a day. Using the gel less than once a day can be ineffective; 
  • Comply with the course regimen at all times. Don't practice interruptions and keep the intervals between using the gel in mind; 
  • Don't use too much of the gel at a time. Allow 20-30 minutes until the gel is fully absorbed; 
  • Rub the gel into your penis with slow massage-like movements and avoid heating the skin. 


You should also remember to maintain personal hygiene. If any leftover gel is present on the penis after 30 minutes since the gel has been used, it has to be washed away thoroughly. Sex life during the course of using the gel is not only acceptable but is highly advisable. Monitor the changes to the sensitivity of the skin and the acuteness of sensations at the time of sexual intercourse. This will make you enjoy a certain pleasure. 

Where can you buy Titan Gel? Ordering from the website of the official dealer

Be attentive and cautious. Buy the authentic gel only. You can do it online at any time that suits you. The manufacturer has official dealerships worldwide. Therefore the delivery of the gel to end customers is made without using the services of multiple resellers. The product is available on the website of the official dealer. 

The gel will be effective if not bought from shady distributors. Online purchasing is riskless and guarantees you absolute confidentiality. 

Titan Gel official packaging

Titan Gel’s price. How much does this product for men cost?

The sale price is available on the website of the official dealer. Current price is just $49.00 for a tube. A full course requires at least 2 tubes. When the course is complete you can have one more after a short pause. If you still hesitate whether you should buy this gel, read success stories and learn about the cases when this gel demonstrated its magic effect. But first let's have a look at what the use of Titan Gel can give you.

The use of Titan Gel. Will it really help you?

If you go to Amazon or some other big online retailer to read customer's feedback, you will find many delightful comments and gratitude. No wonder, considering that the effect from this product is a really pleasant surprise. Knowing the fact that people are usually reluctant to actively share their achievements in such delicate matters, the number of positive comments is really encouraging. Let's have a look at manufacturer's claims: 


  1. The sensitivity of the penis skin and glans will increase significantly after the very first day of using the cream. You will feel not only orgasm but the whole process of sexual intercourse more acutely; 
  2. The gel will definitely increase the girth of your penis which, in its turn, will make the emotions experienced by your partner brighter. Amaze your beloved with an utterly different quality of sex with incredible results; 
  3. Your penis can grow in length from 1 cm to 5 cm. It's not something unrealistic but a stable and durable result. The enlargement is absolutely painless;
  4. The duration and quality of sexual intercourse increase significantly. Based on the customer's feedback average sexual intercourse after using Titan Gel can last for approximately 30-40 minutes non-stop; 
  5. Your libido will become stabilized allowing you to enjoy emotional sex much more often. This effect frequently helps to improve the relationship between the partners. 


Without having your own experience of using the gel you may find these claims unrealistic. However, customer's feedback proves that the effect promised by the manufacturer is real. You should keep in mind that the manufacturer does not guarantee penis enlargement. But what it does guarantee is the improvement of your sexual potency and sensitivity. 

Success stories of using Titan Gel. Customer's feedback and comments from the forums

In order to once again make sure that you are buying an effectively working product you should read customer's feedback. Doctors frequently share their opinion on forums and it's usually vast. So, you should read feedback from ordinary men who achieved their goals using Titan Gel. Here are just some comments on this remedy which were easily picked from various forums: 


  • “I recommend Titan Gel for everyone. I tried it and realized that it was really working. The gel didn't make my penis much longer but the quality of sex with my girlfriend improved significantly.”
  • “I got my 5 centimetres on the third week of using the gel. All that time my wife was in seventh heaven. Now I'm having the second course which I’m enjoying too.”
  • “I bought it for my boyfriend. He was so ashamed by the perspective of having sex with me for the first time. Only when we finally got to bed I realized that his penis was just 12cm long. He has been using the gel for two weeks in a row. Visually there are not so many changes but when we have sex I feel quite differently. He says that his sensitivity has improved too.”
  • “It's a real breakthrough! Blokes, just buy a couple of tubes and you'll understand what I mean!”
  • “I used three tubes over the course of one month. My result is +3cm in length and +1cm in girth.”
  • “My wife is just blissing out. We have sex three times a night. The sensitivity is so high that initially I used to come very fast. Currently our sex lasts up to 25 minutes. I do recommend this gel”. 


Customer's feedback answers the question of whether this gel is worth buying. If you want to get similar impressive results it's high time to buy and try Titan Gel. Of course, every person is different and it's unlikely that every man will be able to get +5 cm to the length of his penis. However, the results of using this natural remedy will certainly pleasantly surprise you. 

Why is it better to buy Titan Gel today?

Medical science keeps advancing and the rules of selling medications which can influence organs of the human body are subject to changes. Unlike some other medications and biologically active supplements, Titan Gel is not subject to compulsory licensing in most countries of the world. But nobody knows what the situation will look like tomorrow. Therefore, it's better to make your dream come true right now. At such a small price you will secure many nights of fabulous sex and perfect sensations. Enhance your sexual potency using reliable natural methods and get stunning results.